KEEP THE KEYS draws every Friday in JANUARY & FEBRUARY from 6pm-10pm - GUARANTEED $53,000 in cash & prizes to be WON!close-btn



Get ready for the Marsh Sheffield Shield at the Great Barrier Reef Arena!
On Saturday the 14th October 2023, we are offering the chance for someone to walk
away with $10,000!


All you need to do is purchase 2 or more cans of Power’s Lager, wear a Power’s cap and catch a six!
Power’s caps can be obtained by purchasing 2 or more Power’s cans from the bar. Caps are limited to the first 100 patrons who
purchase 2 or more Power’s cans.
Participants must be over 18 years of age. To win, the participant must be wearing a Power’s cap, be holding a Power’s can in one hand
and must catch a six hit, with the other hand on the full. Limited to 1 x winner. There does not have to be a winner. Only valid on
Saturday 14th October 2023.