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Play With Purpose

Not For Profit Organisation

Support Local,
Give Back Local

At Harrup Park, every time you enjoy our facilities whether you're dining at our restaurants, having a drink at our bars, or trying your luck at our gaming areas you are directly supporting our community.

Since 2008, we have donated over $25,000,000+ to community initiatives.

Your Play Makes a Difference

Every dollar you spend at Harrup Park is reinvested back into the community. Here’s how your support helps:

- Facility maintenance
- Facility upgrades
- Sporting programs
- Community events
- Donations and sponsorships

Join Us in Making a Difference

Next time you visit Harrup Park, remember—your play has a purpose. Together, we can create a vibrant, thriving community for everyone.

Giving Back to Our Community


At Harrup Park, we understand our key charter as a community club rests on one principle: giving back to the
very community that has helped to make the Club successful. The cornerstone of that charter is the Harrup Park Charitable Contributions Fund established in May 2019. The primary goal of the Fund is to support charitable
organisations within the Mackay community, particularly those with limited resources. Established with the
future in mind, the Harrup Park Charitable Contributions fund is expected to become a significant source of
philanthropic funds for the local community in the years to come.



Our commitment to the community is targeted at 3 broad areas we feel represent the core values and general
well-being of the community at large; values such as childhood, environment and community. At Harrup Park,
we firmly believe support and re-investment into those who contribute positively to the fabric of our
community will produce on-going benefits to our community for years to come helping to provide a platform
for a better community.




To provide an appropriate level of support to Not for Profit organisations and charitable causes in need, who,
without this support, would find it difficult to achieve their organisational or charitable goals.



The Harrup Park Charitable Contributions Fund has been established to provide on-going support to the local community in which we operate.


The Harrup Park Charitable Contributions Fund will provide direct grants for community welfare through
charitable organisations to help make our local communities a better place to live, work and play.


To that end, the Harrup Park Charitable Contributions Fund supports the efforts of charitable organisations,
particularly those with limited resources.


We welcome and invite applications from eligible Not for Profit organisations that provide vital local services
within the Mackay region, in the areas of childhood/youth, people with disabilities, environmental care and
social/community welfare.


Numbers Speak

at Harrup Park we are more than just a club

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